Aims and Scope

This journal publishes original high quality research papers and invited research and survey articles mainly in two subjects:


Algebraic Hyperstructures: 
Hypergroups, Hyperrings, Hyperfields, Hyperspaces, Hyperalgebras, Hv-structures, Join spaces, Hyperstructures associated to algebras, Hyperstructures associated to geometric, Fuzzy structures related to the above topics and related structures.


Logical Algebras and Ordered Algebraic Structures:  
Residuated lattice, EQ-algebras, Equality algebras, Hoop algebras, MTL-algebras, BL-algebras, MV-algebras, BCK(BCI, BCC, BCH, BE)-algebras, Effect algebras, Basic algebras, Implication algebras, R0- algebras, d-algebras, Ordered sets, Lattice theory,  Boolean algebras, Ordered structures, DRl-monoids, Fuzzy structures related to the above topics,  related structures.


JAHLA is an international open access journal. There is no publication charge.  JAHLA publishes 2 issues in each year.

Manuscripts submitted to the JAHLA must be original unpublished work and should not be in consideration for publication elsewhere.